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XLA joins forces with CLDA

Washington, DC – The Express Delivery and Logistics Association (XLA) has merged into the Customized Logistics & Delivery Association (CLDA) effective January 21, 2019.

“This merger adds value for both associations, the industry, and all participants in today’s supply chain,” says Chuck Moyer, president of the CLDA.  “It will present all members with increased business opportunities to work with some of the biggest shippers in the air cargo segment of our industry and the members of the final mile industry that deliver for them.  It will also offer all members the ability to expand their knowledge about the entire logistics chain.”

“Our joining the CLDA will enhance our members’ bottom lines, while exponentially expanding their advocacy abilities on regulatory issues critical to their continued success,” says XLA President Bart Salant.

As one voice for the supply chain, the merger will increase the industry’s impact on a national level.  “With this merger, we will enhance our advocacy efforts in Washington and state capitols around the country,” says Moyer.  “We will be representing, under one roof, the entire express air cargo logistics and logistics chain, including shippers and carriers.  By joining together we have a stronger voice to address critical regulatory issues and promote the continued growth of our industry. That will be of special importance particularly when dealing with Congress, the TSA, DHS and CPB.”

Former members of the XLA will become full members of the CLDA.  This will give them access to the CLDA’s industry meeting including their May Final Mile Forum & Expo in Phoenix, their Executive Leadership Summit in February, their webinars, quarterly industry trend magazine and other professional development programs and events throughout the year.  In addition, three members of the former XLA will sit on the CLDA board, one of whom will be on the CLDA Executive Committee.

“We approached the CLDA about this merger several months ago because we saw it as a dynamic organization that had the ability to represent all sectors of the express cargo business combining agents, airlines and IACs within its structure,” says Salant.

The combined association is a win-win for members of both organizations, adds Moyer, who concluded, “I am confident that this merger will significantly strengthen our industry’s interests and provide real and measureable benefits for the bottom lines of all members.”










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