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Within a year, UN rules dictate box weights must be verified: World Shipping Council

BRUSSELS, Belg.–Effective July 2016, shippers worldwide must provide a verified weights for laden containers before loading, said World Shipping Council (WSC), whose members represent owners of 90 per cent of the world’s shipping.

“All parties should use the next 12 months to plan for the efficient and effective implementation of this requirement,” the WSC said.

“The regulations place a requirement on the shipper of a packed container, regardless of who packed the container, to provide the container’s gross verified weight to the ocean carrier and port terminal representative sufficiently in advance of vessel loading to be used in the preparation of the ship stowage plan,” said the WSC statement.

Ship managers and terminal operators are prohibited from loading a packed container aboard a vessel for export if the container does not have a verified container weight and must use verified weights in their vessel stowage plans.

The UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) approved the guidelines last year, said the release.



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