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Western Canada’s first retail biodiesel truck stop opens in Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, BC-United Petroleum Products Inc. (UPPI) is opening western Canada’s first retail biodiesel truck stop in Burnaby July 8. The biodiesel blend at the pump will be B5 (5% ASTM biodiesel blended with 95% petroleum diesel), and will be sold at 1 cent/litre cheaper than regular diesel.

Beginning July 8, commercial truckers and the public will be able to purchase biodiesel blend from UPPI’s cardlock facility on Norland Avenue. The company plans to open additional biodiesel retail outlets in the Lower Mainland over the summer.

First to the pumps will be West Coast Biodiesel Ltd. whose 35 vehicles are the first commercial fleet in BC to make the switch to biodiesel.

The opening of this first commercial biodiesel truck stop comes just three months after the Fraser Basin Council and Fleet Challenge BC announced the BC Biofleet program, Canada’s largest municipal biodiesel demonstration project to date. The project involved six Lower Mainland communities that will use up to 80 million litres of blended biodiesel in their municipal fleets.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, biodegradable fuel that is produced from renewable sources such as used French fry oil, animal fats and trap grease, and domestically produced oilseed crops. Biodiesel is widely used in Europe – Germany alone produced 1.7 billion litres in 2004 – and is gaining popularity in the USA where Willie Nelson has formed his own "BioWillie" Biodiesel Co.

When blended with traditional diesel fuel, it is claimed biodiesel significantly reduces greenhouse gases and tail pipe emissions, helping improve air quality. No modification to the diesel engine or fuel system should be required.

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