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Webinar to explore transportation bidding with cloud sourcing technology

TORONTO, Ont.–On December 16th, Smarter Transportation Bidding with Cloud Sourcing Technology, the next webinar in CITT’s webinar series, will run at 12:00PM EST. The webinar will teach professionals how, through cloud computing and business process outsourcing, you can gain:

  • A competitive edge on transportation bidding process
  • A structured bid that includes all your specific business parameters
  • Better relations with your provider and how to have a bid process without surprises

With transportation networks becoming more and more complex, business models are changing from off-shoring to near-shoring and transportation is becoming more critical in the network design and total cost of ownership.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) can provide some solutions, but not all – with TMS adoption rates at only 35 % there is still a need for better managed transportation bid process. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can help gather information and orchestrate rigorous bid processes that simplify and accelerate information gathering, said the release.

Transportation managers and sourcing teams have limited time and resources to organize and execute a bid – and managing a multi-variable bid can include capacity, lead time, multiple awards to same lanes for TMS, seasonality fluctuations, many lanes for tender, multi-leg shipments, FSC, tolls, pike surcharges, LUT, and more. The complexity of it leaves money on the table and can create costly surprises.

Learn more and secure your spot here.

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