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Video series highlights “People in Supply Chain”


Bracebridge, ON — Supply Chain Management Association Alberta (SCMA-AB) and the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) have partnered to create four new People in Supply Chain videos. Each of the videos features Patrick Etokudo, Director of Supply Chain Management for Enbridge in Calgary. Mr. Etokudo was named Supply Chain Executive of the Year for 2017 by Alberta Oil magazine.

The new videos focus on:

Diversity & Supply Chain

On this topic, Etokudo says that, “Diversity is a gift.” It brings various perspectives, opinions and ideas that enrich solutions. “Innovation is driven by diversity,” believes Etokudo, and is “absolutely necessary” in supply chain.

Education & Supply Chain

Unlike older people working in the supply chain – many of whom fell into the sector – new entrants are learning about supply chain management in school or through certificate courses, and joining the sector by choice.

Technology & Supply Chain

The supply chain benefits from “new tools every day.” On the possible replacement of people by robots to do tactical work, Etokudo sees an opportunity to reskill and use employees in “a better way.”

The Future of Supply Chain

The supply chain is experiencing continuous growth and will keep needing people for some time, says Etokudo, attracting people from “all sorts of areas.”

The four new videos supplement other People in the Supply Chain videos created through earlier CSCSC projects.

The videos can be seen on the CSCSC’s website, at, and on SCMA-AB’s website, at They are meant to be shared and used widely by supply chain employers, educators, job counsellors and others in the sector.



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