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VersaCold announces wage increases for front-line workers

One of Canada’s largest cold chain service providers announced that in recognition of the dedicated efforts of its front-line workers, the company will be increasing wages.

Effective March 22, VersaCold employees will receive a temporary wage increase, with warehouse staff receiving an additional $2 per hour for all hours worked during the pay period, and truck drivers receiving an additional $100/week, if they work a minimum of 40 hours in that week.

“We are proud of our front-line workers’ willingness to ensure Canadians have access to food,” said VersaCold in a statement.

“VersaCold provides an essential service, ensuring the safety, quality and freshness of the food families eat. As the world faces the challenges presented by COVID-19, that purpose has more relevancy than ever before.”

VersaCold said the company has sought to help limit the potential spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that, where possible, employees work from home. “But for our front-line workers — those who move fresh produce to Canada, manage inventory in warehouses or deliver food to depleted grocery stores —working from home is not an option.”

The special compensation program will remain in place until VersaCold decides to discontinue the program.

VersaCold’s warehouse in Milton, Ontario is one of the country’s largest temperature-sensitive distribution centres.

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