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Velant CEO publishes white paper on rules for logistics optimization

Dr. Don Ratliff, President and CEO of Velant, Inc., a provider of transportation planning solutions, has published a new publicly available white paper entitled "10 Rules for Logistics Optimization."

The paper offers readers ten fundamental concepts that can provide great potential for cost savings through the use of optimization technology in supply chain management.

Dr. Ratliff, who is also Executive Director of The Logistics Institute (TLI) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, originally outlined these logistics ideas at the Council of Logistics Management (CLM) Annual Conference last year. Due to extensive interest in the topic, he recently expanded his presentation into a white paper for the logistics industry.

"Logistics optimization is neither easy nor cheap, but it is currently the biggest opportunity for most companies to significantly reduce costs. This is especially true in optimizing transportation operations, where companies can realize 10-40% cost savings. This white paper will help shed some light on the essential requirements for capturing value with logistics optimization technology." Says Dr. Ratliff.

Dr. Ratliff’s white paper on the "10 Rules for Logistics Optimization" can be obtained, free of charge, by logging onto the Velant web site at

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