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UN adopts resolution on multimodal transit corridors

GENEVA, Switz.–The UN General Assembly has adopted a new resolution “Toward comprehensive cooperation among all modes of transport for promoting sustainable multimodal transit corridors.”

Co-sponsored by 85 UN Member States, a new UN resolution has been adopted by the General Assembly, which focuses on multimodal transport, transit corridors and trade facilitation, while inciting Member States that have not yet done so to join the TIR Convention.

According to Igor Runov, Head of the IRU Delegation to the UN, “This historic Resolution represents a holistic and comprehensive approach to pursuing sustainable transport goals and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It provides a much-needed focus on transport and transit, trade facilitation, infrastructure, financing and public-private partnerships to achieve these goals, which is embodied in the mission of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport.”

The Resolution cites the role of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport (GPST) as an innovative business and industry-led, action oriented, multi-stakeholder initiative involving all modes of transport, in promoting global cooperation and coordination on sustainable transport issues.


The Resolution further welcomes the efforts of relevant organisations within and outside the UN, including the World Bank, regional development banks, the World Customs Organization, the World Trade Organization, IRU, the International Union of Railways and the International Transport Forum.

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