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Trucking loses $140 million per day because of Sandy, but will benefit long-term

NASHVILLE, Ind. — The US trucking industry incurred short-term losses of US$140 million per day as a result of Super Storm Sandy, industry analyst FTR has estimated.

However, those losses will be easily recouped thanks to an increase in freight demand, Noel Perry, senior consultant with FTR reports. His per day estimate of loss revenue is based on 20% of the industry not moving freight because of the storm and its aftermath.

“While some fleets will surely lose revenue during the initial phases of the latest disaster, storms like Sandy create new demand later,” explained Perry. “Retail outlets need immediate resupply that only trucking’s time-sensitive character can accommodate. Plus storm damage needs to be fixed. That creates longer term additional freight tonnage. While the storm is devastating to many, the trucking industry will see mostly positive effects.”

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