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Transoceanic Shipping merges into PWC Logistics

NEW ORLEANS, La. — PWC Logistics, a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions in the Middle East, and US-based Transoceanic Shipping Co, an international freight forwarding and logistics management company, jointly announced today that Transoceanic will merge into PWC.

Under the terms of the agreement, PWC will own all shares of Transoceanic.

This union forms one of the world’s largest specialized logistics management providers, with offices in twenty-eight countries spread across the globe. Transoceanic will gain access to the resources needed to continue its rapid growth, including PWC’s strong IT platform. Transoceanic will also be able to leverage PWC’s infrastructure in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to offer its customers an expanded range of supply chain services.

As the Middle East continues its tremendous growth surge in the oil and gas (both upstream and downstream); industrial; and power verticals, the two companies say this combination of PWC Logistics and Transoceanic provides the comprehensive logistics solutions these industries need to keep pace with the rapidly changing market conditions. With the skill set and the technical expertise of Transoceanic, PWC will be able to better serve its customer base in future projects.

To further these opportunities, PWC and Transoceanic have already started identifying and pursuing cross-selling opportunities in the Middle East. Going forward, there is no doubt that both PWC and Transoceanic will be better positioned to create a strong and successful world-class logistics and distribution network, coupled with an enhanced global presence.