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TransCore to incorporate TIA incident reporting service

TORONTO, Ont. — TransCore has integrated TIAWatchdog into all of its 3sixty Freight Match and DAT loadboard products as well as CarrierWatch service.

TIAWatchdog enables Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) members to report on companies with unethical business practices and provides a means for member companies to resolve disputes and conflicts. TIA Watchdog also enables members to perform background research on other transportation companies.

TransCore is the first transportation logistics provider to incorporate TIAWatchdog into its products and services.

“Through Watchdog, TIA members will be able to alert each other of fraudulent operators within the industry, thus minimizing their negative impact on TIA members and their shipper and carrier customers. We believe that Watchdog will improve TIA members’ service to their shipper and carrier customers,” said Robert Voltmann, TIA president and CEO. “The move by TransCore will further the use and reach of TIA Watchdog. As TIA Watchdog increases in effectiveness we send notice to the fraudulent operators in the industry that we will not sit quietly, but will fight back.”

“TIA members who are also TransCore 3sixty Freight Match and DAT loadboard customers can quickly access TIAWatchdog incident reports from their search results,” said Michele Greene, product manager for CarrierWatch. “We hope by adding this new feature to our freight matching service, we will bring more attention to companies with unethical business practices and make our own marketplace a safer place to conduct business.”

In addition, TIA members, who also subscribe to CarrierWatch, can use the TIAWatchdog link to perform further research on any one of the 185,000 carriers in our TransCore Registry database, added Greene.

Typical incident reports appearing on concern carriers and 3PLs or brokers.

Through TIAWatchdog, TIA members can report on motor carriers, companies, or individuals posing as motor carriers that did one or more of the following:

— Unauthorized re-brokering of shipments;
— No show and no call;
— Cancelled after accepting load;
— Held load hostage, back-solicited shipper;
— In-transit agreement modification;
— Theft or unjustified loss of freight;
— And persistent canceling.

Reports on 3PLs typically include:
— Unauthorized brokering of shipment;
— Payment issues;
— Brokering freight without broker or freight forwarder authority;
— Operating without bond or trust fund;
— And operating under unregistered alias.