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The Transportation Evolution Institute salutes Ontario’s Transportation Minister’s position on new mobility model

MONTREAL, Que.–The Transportation Evolution Institute is saluting Ontario’s Transportation Minister,  Steven Del Duca, who said last week that “Ontario needs to become a leader in the emerging technology-based shake-up to the transportation sector, including driverless vehicles, electric cars and companies such as Uber …“, at a conference on “The Future of the Car”.

The Institute said the speech demonstrates that Ontario’s government has understood the upcoming revolution in mobility. Indeed, thanks to visionary leaders such as Minister Del Duca, Ontario can reposition itself to take advantage of these trends and stimulate its economy.

“The journey towards transport automation has already begun but up to now few governments have had the courage to acknowledge it and rise to this challenge. On behalf of the Province of Ontario, Minister Del Duca just announced that his province joins the race and that it must be a member of the leading pack,” said the release.

The Transportation Evolution Institute has been announcing that a new mobility model is currently emerging in many regions of the world: a model that is cleaner, integrates more efficiently all modes of transportation and is part of the “sharing economy”. This new model is not based solely on the availability of new technology but is driven mostly by the need for reduced air pollution, improved safety and increased transportation network efficiencies. The new model would also lower travel costs for citizens and transportation infrastructure costs for cities and provinces.

“We encourage other Canadian provinces to follow Ontario’s lead in implementing this new mobility model,” the Institute said.