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The digital transformation of Polaris Transportation Group

Mississauga, ON — For a quarter of a century, Polaris Transportation Group has been known as a carrier who specializes in the transportation of LTL between Canada and the USA. They have positioned themselves as the ‘#CrossBorderPros’ but who they have become and what they’re seeking to achieve will surprise you.

Polaris President, Dave Cox explains, “Polaris is not your typical transportation and logistics company. We have our ears to the ground and our sights set on the future. Through tactical acquisitions and partnerships, we have shifted into the digital space and are creating change not only in the transportation industry but in all connected industries.” Mr. Cox adds, “When it comes to new technology, new ways of thinking or new methods of conducting business, we are not taking a wait-and-see approach, we are embracing it and continuously developing powerful tools that enhance both the customer and employee experience.”

Polaris continues to invest in innovation. Through its in-house Digital Laboratory and its newest company NorthStar Digital Solutions, they have successfully deployed and utilized RPA (Robotic Process Automation), machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence to consolidate and automate antiquated systems technology.

Polaris is positioning itself as a holistic provider of services and solutions, with the ability to seamlessly integrate business models throughout the supply chain and deliver complete digital transformation solutions. They provide their clients the benefits of quality services for freight centricity, warehouse inventory management and couple that with an enhanced digital experience delivering insights and information management right at their fingertips. Further to this will be the ability to offer unparalleled digital solutions producing true integrated transactional data exchange, automated processing and intelligent reporting/predictive analytics.

Dave Cox , president, Polaris Transportation Group.

Dave Brajkovich, Chief Technical Officer states, “Our primary vision is being first to market with a distributed ledger on a centralized hosted environment that will be dynamic, safe, immutable, easy to use/do business with and provide great insights and predictive analytics like no other,” Mr. Brajkovich explains further, “It will allow for the common sharing of business transactions between partners, shared services providers, competitors and clients — used by organizations and consumer-end users who are looking to receive fast, efficient, secure and cost-effective service.”

President, Mr. Cox adds, “We will not accept the status quo. We are hungry for change; for a better way of doing business. We have and will continue to hire top-level talent who bring fresh, innovative thinking. It’s an extremely exciting time to be a part of our group and the opportunity for growth through innovation is seemingly endless.”

Polaris Transportation Group has partnered with cutting-edge corporations and industry influencers to assist in their mission to revolutionize the way business is conducted in both transportation and other marketplaces as the need for enhanced processing touches all industries. They are well on their way to establishing their digital transformation and although the work being completed behind the scenes is quite complicated, their vision is quite simple — harness the power of advanced technologies to deliver easy-to-use, fast, secure and cost-efficient services.

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