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Terminal operator launches Deltaport public information campaign

Delta, BC — GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. is launching the #BetterDeltaport information and awareness campaign to advocate for a fair review of expansion alternatives at Roberts Bank.

Trade through the Pacific Gateway helps to create the jobs and growth that support Vancouver, British Columbia, and, Canada’s quality of life. To strengthen and sustain that trade, Canada needs container terminal capacity. We are at a cross roads and must decide how we build needed container terminal capacity, where we build it, and who will pay for it.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) has put forward and selected its own expansion proposal, RBT2, a new 164-hectare terminal island, built out in the ocean, over potentially important crabbing grounds.

Global Container Terminals has been trying, without success, to get the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to review its proposal for GCT Deltaport that seeks to add capacity at Roberts Bank by expanding the existing terminal footprint incrementally. The project would deliver an estimated 2 million TEUs of new capacity through the addition of a fourth berth (DP4).

“We wanted the VFPA, our regulator and landlord, to give fair consideration to a less expensive, less risky to taxpayers, and more environmentally-conscious alternative, which they failed to do, choosing instead to reject our project out of hand,” said Doron Grosman, President and CEO of Global Container Terminals.

“The expansion at Roberts Bank is important to the success of the Pacific Gateway and Western Trade corridors, and, therefore, to the future of the region, the province, and the country. It carries high stakes for the environment, local communities, workers, and Indigenous peoples. It’s too important a decision to leave to the officials of the Port Authority and needs government to weigh in on it. A fair assessment and transparent review process, which is all we are asking for, will lead to a better Deltaport for all of us,” added Grosman.

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