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Sustainability focus of new CITT course offering

Toronto, ON — Addressing increasing demand from industry stakeholders for sustainability planning, as well as responsible governance and decision-making, CITT has developed a new course – Ethics & Sustainability in the Supply Chain – which will be available immediately in its upcoming spring semester, which starts April 29, 2019.

“A significant new initiative from CITT is to address the professional development needs from industry that go beyond technical abilities” said Pina Melchionna, CITT President & CEO. We’ve been hearing more and more that businesses are having difficulty finding people with the transferrable “soft’ skills” they look for in well-rounded professionals. In response, we’ve made it a priority to develop courses that build these skills, and teach them in the context of supply chain logistics.

Last spring, we introduced the course Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals, which quickly became very popular. So we’re pleased to add an offering focused on the hot-button subject of business ethics to our selection of courses.”

“Integrity and trustworthiness are powerful drivers of both corporate and personal success in business” said the new course’s facilitator, Paul Kurrat, CCLP. “In developing this course, we consulted with many respected supply chain professionals to get real-world cases with ethical implications. As a result, the course is practical and actionable. Professionals from all seniority levels will be able to walk away from this course with the ability to identify and resolve ethics issues – and to develop a critical path to mitigate and avoid crises.”

CITT’s spring semester of courses towards its CITT-Certified Logistics Professional® designation begins April 29th, and registration is currently ongoing. Those interested in registering for a course or in the full program are advised to visit or contact Maria Murjani at or by phone at 416-363-5696 ext. 24.

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