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Supply Chain Canada conference keynote speaker to focus on crime, terror and the supply chain

TORONTO, Ont. — Chris Mathers, a highly regarded consultant specializing in crime and risk, will be a keynote speaker at the Supply Chain Canada Conference which runs from May 8 to 9 at the International Centre in Toronto. Mathers, who will be speaking on the second day of the conference, will focus on crime, terror and the supply chain.

He will be introduced by Marcus Shields, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Program Manager of NIS Security with Allstream.  The Canadian all-business communications provider is a platinum level sponsor of the conference.

“Supply chains are evolving at an unprecedented pace, creating both new challenges and opportunities for supply chain organizations. Allstream’s conference exhibit will demonstrate how the services it delivers through its robust and reliable national IP network – in particular IT Security and Cloud Services – address some of the key challenges faced by the industry today,” Allstream noted in a release.

As advanced technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization become more commonplace in the supply chain sector, it’s very important that organizations adopt a strategy to ensure the security and reliability of their networks and components.

 “A multi-layer approach ensures that if there is a security breach, the whole industrial network won’t be exposed to threats and vulnerabilities,” said Craig Deveau, Allstream’s Senior Product Manager – Managed Security Services. “In addition to peace of mind, safeguarding against intrusions and theft of data will provide organizations with improved reliability and performance, and reduce operational downtime.”

Through its Cloud Services, Allstream provides organizations with an on-demand, virtualized infrastructure. Customers can connect to the cloud – which offers multiple layers of protection and is monitored 24/7 within a secure data centre – through Allstream’s nationwide network.

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