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Study will assess potential for harmonized Atlantic trucking strategy

The Government of Canada, the four provincial governments in Atlantic Canada and the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association have commissioned a study to assess the potential for developing a harmonized trucking strategy for the region.

The preliminary study is part of a larger piece of research which will examine areas such as the economic role of trucking in the transportation industry, trade and transportation corridor implications for trucking in the region’s growing economic relationship with the United States (particularly border crossings), approaches to regulatory harmonization, human resource requirements of the industry, approaches for improving fleet management and intermodal efficiencies to support the export of Atlantic products, use of e-business technologies to improve efficiencies in the industry, and economies of scale of integrated systems such as the motor vehicle registration system.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) provided $15,000 to fund the scoping study, which is being guided by a steering committee consisting of representatives from ACOA, Transport Canada, the four provincial departments of transportation, and the trucking industry.

The study represents an important step in implementing a key aspect of a joint action plan released by the Council of Atlantic Premiers, which calls for the development and deployment of a harmonized trucking strategy.

The scoping study is being conducted by trucking consultant Fred P. Nix of Orangeville, Ontario. The study is expected to be complete in July 2002.