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ST-Infonox, Safe Ports, Inc. sign strategic alliance

SAN JOSE, Calif. & WASHINGTON, D.C. – ST-Infonox, has signed a strategic alliance with Washington based Safe Ports, Inc.

ST-Infonox offers solutions combatting asymmetric threats from terrorism and is led by former Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space President “Sam” Araki.

The alliance will enable ST-Infonox to provide its mission critical security platform (SCOPE(TM) – Syndromic Common Operating Picture for the Enterprise) to seaports in the United States and abroad. The platform detects events, increases information sharing, and improves the response to terrorist threats and other anticipated man-made or natural disasters, the company claims.

Safe Ports, Inc. is a Washington based turnkey security solutions and economic development company supporting ports in the Middle East, South America, Mexico and the United States.

“This is an excellent alliance for ST-Infonox, because it enables our risk assessment, detection and interdiction platform (SCOPE), to become an integral part of security solutions for seaports, and allows them to use the most sophisticated systems to evaluate risk on a wider basis than ever before,” says Araki. “Through SCOPE, which can easily overlay over an existing enterprise system or replace existing structures, seaports will be able to introduce business operations automation and respond to anomalies before they become a disaster, by using the ultimate methods of risk detection – which we call Syndromic Surveillance," he adds.

“This superb alliance gives Safe Ports and our clients huge technological advantages which we will develop further as we provide the ST-Infonox suite of products to our domestic and international clients. As a single source security solution provider we can now add the ability to empower our clients to deal effectively with the challenge of asymmetric threats such as biological, physical, chemical and environmental, customized to their needs. It will give them advantages, the value of which cannot be measured," says Safe Ports founder and President Lucy Duncan Scheman.

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