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News launches document-sharing software for logistics industry

TORONTO, Ont. — has launched a Cloud-based document-sharing platform designed specifically for the logistics industry. Exporters, importers, carriers and customs brokers can upload, collaborate and view documents required for international customs clearance on the new Web-based platform.  

“A typical international shipping transaction requires multiple parties that are not affiliated to work together to ensure a delay-free, error-free transaction,” said Jeff Petreman, president of “As of lately, the most common way of transferring documents between these parties has been through fax or e-mail. The issue with these methods is they are linear in nature, where the parties involved either e-mail, call or fax each other directly leaving some parties out of the loop when it comes to critical information causing redundancies and segmented processes resulting in shipment delays and loss of revenue for all parties involved.”  

Unlike the many generic cloud based document-sharing platforms available today, is custom designed specifically for the logistics industry.  

Company officials say the main difference between the new software and other generic Cloud-based document-sharing platforms is the software’s dashboard, which allows users to manage multiple shipments in different stages of the customs documents collaboration process.  

The dashboard allows members to request and upload the required documents, message other members on related issues or delays and update members on customs clearance information while documenting all these activities to ensure compliancy.

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