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Schneider named first two-time winner of NSC’s Green Cross for Safety Award

Green Bay, WI In 2006, Schneider created a first-of-its-kind sleep disorder screening program for all company drivers, providing treatment to those who test positive for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The premier provider of transportation, logistics and intermodal services is now being honored for its pioneering work with the National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety Innovation Award. In being named the winner of this prestigious award, Schneider is breaking more new ground: It is the only company to consecutively win the Green Cross for Safety, following its 2018 Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award.

“Being honored with the Green Cross for Safety Award in back-to-back years is an amazing accomplishment, underscoring our commitment to our number-one core value of Safety First and Always,” notes Tom DiSalvi, vice president of safety, driver training and compliance at Schneider. “However, the biggest win is that our driver associates are more vigilant on the roadway and significantly healthier. We weren’t trying to be innovative – we were trying to save lives.”

Schneider became the first large-scale employer to effectively and efficiently identify drivers at risk for OSA and get them the critical treatment needed to improve their health and safety. OSA is a sleep disorder that affects one out of five American adults and prevents restorative sleep, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness and long-term health issues. It is most commonly treated by using a continuous positive airway pressure device (commonly known as CPAP) to keep the air passage in throat open while sleeping.

(L to R): Wendy Sullivan – Director/Co-Founder of Clinical Sleep Apnea Support Team at Precision Sleep Solutions; Tammy Vogel – Senior Compliance Specialist at Schneider; Tom DiSalvi – Vice President of Safety, Driver Training and Compliance at Schneider; Stephanie Bostedt – Compliance Manager at Schneider; and Oceana Slough – Compliance Support Team Leader at Schneider.

Schneider created a program that eliminated the barriers – specifically driver down-time and cost – by creating a nationwide network of sleep clinics. This allows driver associates to be tested while still under dispatch – either in the sleep lab or with a home sleep test in their truck sleeper berth. Their results are reviewed the next morning by a board-certified clinician. If a driver tests positive for OSA, a CPAP device is provided so the driver can be treated immediately and continue with their load delivery without losing any workdays – all at zero cost to the associate through Schneider’s health care benefits.

Schneider has achieved several significant outcomes as a result of this program:

  • Fatigue-related incidents improved by 44 percent
  • Retention improved by 2.2 years of increased tenure for treated associates (30 percent above fleet average)
  • Health care costs reduced by more than $300 per treated associate per month

The NSC Green Cross for Safety Innovation award is given to a researcher, corporation, coalition or organization in recognition of a transformative approach to a long-held challenge in safety. Schneider is the first truckload carrier to be honored with this award.

“National Safety Council award winners don’t just aim to check off a box for safety,” notes Nicholas J. Smith, interim president and CEO of the National Safety Council. “These individuals and organizations understand that a successful day of work requires getting home safely, and they prioritize safety at every level of decision-making. We are proud to honor each of our nominees and our incredible winners, all of whom are committed to working alongside NSC to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime.”


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