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Schneider earns CargoNet’s Best in Cargo Security Award

Green Bay, WI — Schneider was recognized within the transportation industry for its rigorous security practices as the recipient of CargoNet’s Best in Cargo Security Award in the Large Carrier category.

To maintain maximum security, Schneider incorporates a layered security approach that eliminates theft prevention gaps, with carrier and shipper collaboration from beginning to end for truckload and intermodal moves. Multiple technologies, procedures and training provide a multilayered effect that strengthens the supply chain and achieves near-zero cargo theft results.

“It’s essential that all layers work in concert, combined with careful and observant Schneider drivers bringing all the technologies and processes to life that keep our freight safe,” noted Terry Wood, Schneider’s corporate security manager. “All Schneider drivers keep their skills sharp through comprehensive theft-prevention training during drivers’ onboarding and then in quarterly training sessions throughout their entire career.”

When examining the pool of nominees to determine Best in Cargo Security Award winners, various factors were reviewed:

  • The willingness and ability to commit resources to security
  • Standard operating procedures and best practices
  • The extent of utilization and support for the CargoNet program

“Schneider continues to apply prevention and recovery resources to its already existing stringent cargo security program, and it is reflected in the results,” noted CargoNet manager, Steven Lang. “The ratio of losses versus the amount of loads they haul is nothing short of impressive, and we are pleased to provide Schneider with CargoNet’s Best in Cargo Security Award.”

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