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Schneider celebrates cargo theft-free year

GREEN BAY, Wis.–For several consecutive years, Schneider has reported declining cargo thefts. However, 2014 marked a milestone for the  truckload, intermodal and logistics provider: The company had zero cargo thefts last year while moving over 4 million loads in 2014, the company announced.

According to Schneider’s vice president of Enterprise Security, Brian Bobo, the company has been able to beat the cargo theft odds because of its holistic, layered approach to security.

“To be successful, we can’t rely solely on doing one thing flawlessly,” noted Bobo. “Yes, we have the right technologies in place, but it’s just as important that our drivers and operations teams are consistently doing the right things.”

Bobo also emphasizes the importance of preparing and educating drivers and owner-operators.

“We apply a three-prong approach: We address expectations during on-boarding, we regularly communicate the locations and types of thefts that are occurring and we incorporate cargo theft preventable measures into our quarterly training sessions.”

“Schneider has shown theft decline since the beginning of our relationship in 2011,” said CargoNet’s Anthony Canale, general manager. “Having no cargo thefts over the last year sets the benchmark for the rest of the industry to work toward.”

CargoNet’s 2014 findings indicate that the overall number of stolen freight loads that occurred throughout the industry continue to decline, as well. However, CargoNet points out that the value of stolen freight increased, especially in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical categories. This data demonstrates that thieves are getting smarter and more selective when targeting high-value loads.

Food & beverage accounted for 22 percent of cargo thefts within the transportation industry in 2014 – making it the most stolen commodity.

The average loss value of truckload thefts of pharmaceuticals in the industry increased by more than 23 percent (Schneider has not had a pharmaceutical load theft since 2004, the company said.)