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Relevant Business Systems adds to its ERP package

Relevant has introduced the Business Wizard, an Information Management, Data Mining and Navigation tool, offered as a complement to the company’s INFIMACS II Enterprise Resource Planning package.

The new software provides executives and managers across all segments of the enterprise with the ability to access information from otherwise complex ERP data," reports technology market analysts ARC Research. Using the software managers can create templates, charts, graphs, spreadsheets and reports based on the data gathered. They can then use the information to perform updates and other transactions necessary to communicate activity across the enterprise. The Business Wizard allows individual users to create specific views of the information in the system from which decisions can be made at both tactical and strategic levels.

Steve Clouther, ARC’s ERP analyst, says, “knowledge management is a natural extension of any ERP system, and Relevant Business Systems has finally developed and released their Business Wizard, which is the tool that managerial and operational personnel need to have to ensure a simple point-and-click access to business information data presented in a format that is easy to access and understand. By bringing key business information to the decision makers with Business Wizard, Relevant completes the philosophy of having the right data, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right format.”

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