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Real Time Solutions’ latest release increases outbound productivity for DCs

FKI Logistex member company, Real Time Solutions, a developer and provider of order filling solutions, announces the release of Outbound Productivity Suite (OPS) Version 2.2, a development claimed to increase outbound productivity in distribution centers and warehouses.

OPS 2.2 plans, schedules, and manages the coordinated execution of order processing across multiple picking zones while integrating the facility’s software, mechanical, and picking systems through application of proven interfaces.

This latest release of the company’s successful OPS software incorporates previous technical advancements such as its multi-lingual graphic user interface, streamlined batch picking, and order consolidation systems found in version 2.1 while adding substantial new and upgraded features and functionality. New features found in OPS 2.2 include finite short-interval scheduling, schedule deviation detection, schedule deviation alarming, and the ability to modify plans and schedules in real time.

OPS 2.2 provides the ability to plan and schedule the simultaneous execution of work components from multiple waves across an unlimited number of picking technologies. Finite short-interval scheduling provides the foundation for an early warning system for schedule deviations. By generating finite short-interval schedules, OPS can detect when anomalies occur during the execution of a workplan and can pinpoint precisely where the problem exists. This enables the system operator to take proactive measures to prevent work stoppages and late deliveries. With control at a granular level, exceptions can be detected earlier, problems can be quickly evaluated and proactive remedial actions can be implemented. In addition, OPS 2.2 provides the ability to completely re-plan and reschedule the order processing workload in real time without canceling and re-releasing waves.

OPS 2.2 is designed to offer system operators greater freedom and flexibility in exception management by providing live, preemptive error notification. When an exception is detected, OPS not only provides onscreen notification, but can send out alerts via pager, cellular telephone, and PDA’s, as well. By harnessing the power of today’s cutting-edge communications technology, OPS enables operators to perform real time error correction.

“With our real time exception reporting via pagers, cell phones, and PDA’s, we unchain system operators from their desks and put them back onto the plant floor, where they need to be,” said Tom Williams, director of strategic business development for Real Time Solutions. “OPS allows supervisors to focus on plant operations instead of having to spend their time monitoring a computer screen.”

OPS’ technology streamlines order picking throughout the distribution center through finite capacity workload planning, coordinating time-phased task releases, managing conveyor system routing, and providing real time exception management feedback to system operators via a single interface to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), host legacy, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. OPS provides the tools needed to quickly and easily balance workloads, minimize walk times, and increase overall order filling efficiency and accuracy.

As a non-inventory based suite of productivity modules, OPS can run all outbound activities, including the gathering and relaying of real time status updates. OPS generates real cost savings by sparing operators the need to develop prohibitively expensive and risky custom software modifications.

“OPS interfaces easily and effectively with existing WMS, host legacy, or ERP systems,” said Williams. “We provide all of the functionality of a WMS at a price point that is reasonable and cost-effective. OPS is truly a complete outbound productivity solution.”

OPS played a key role in Discount Auto Parts’ (now Advance Auto Parts) new award-winning Gallman, MS distribution center. As the integrator with the WMS for all of the picking technologies used in the Gallman facility, OPS was responsible for a 70% jump in productivity for picking from pallet flow racks and 44% more efficiency for picking from case flow racks over the company’s old DC. OPS was integrated effortlessly with the existing WMS, enabling the facility to ramp up quickly to meet demand.

“In 30 years experience, this is the easiest facility I have ever brought online,” said Roy Martin, Discount Auto Parts’ vice president of supply chain and logistics.

For more information on OPS contact Tom Lagaly at Real Time Solutions at 510-985-6300 or email or visit

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