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Power-assisted bike for the final mile

ATLANTA, Ga. – Silver Eagle Manufacturing’s “MovR” looks somewhat out of place on the show floor at the annual meeting of the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council.

Yes, the unit designed by Rytle moves cargo. It’s even powered by a pair of batteries, echoing a theme of electrification found in many displays this year.

But there are also the pedals.

This is essentially a power-assisted bicycle, capable of hauling a 400 lb. payload, with a gross vehicle weight of about 1,000 lb. Leaving bicycle pedals in place, and using a bell instead of a horn, means it can travel along some bicycle lanes depending on local rules, says Brian MacKenzie, Silver Eagle’s vice-president of sales.

Anything beyond a walking speed requires riders to work the pedals.

The pair of 25-amp-hour batteries give the MovRs a 29-km range on the hilly streets of Seattle, and could reach up to 65 km under ideal conditions, he says.

Think of it as a solution for the final yard rather than the final mile.

The units could even appear on Canadian streets in the near future. Purolator has asked for bids to try such equipment in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, MacKenzie tells Canadian Shipper.

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