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Port Metro Vancouver says truck activity resuming

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Many truckers serving Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) continue to withhold their services, but port management says containers are moving.

The port said just 30% of containers that arrive and depart Port Metro Vancouver do so by truck. Truck activity is increasing, the port said, after actions earlier this week from the federal and provincial governments as well as the port itself.

PMV says the volume of container truck transactions on March 20 was nearly 40% of normal, reaching the highest level since the trucking disruption began.

“Decisive action was announced yesterday and there are clearly truckers willing to service the port,” said Robin Silvester, president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver. “We are continuing to move forward with an acceleration of the plan to reform Port Metro Vancouver’s Truck Licensing system. Today we will be informing those license and permit holders with expiry dates in May.”

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  1. Dave says:

    Not a big fan of limiting a licensing program for a competitive market. It drives up the value of those licenses over time, and quite frankly it creates a monopolistic effect. Competition is tough, but that’s what business is about. If the issue is managing the age and maintenance of trucks there are better ways to achieve that.

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