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PIT Conference 2015 announced

MONTREAL, Que.– FPInnovations’ Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) group, a not-for-profit engineering and research group for the North American trucking industry, announced that PIT Conference 2015Innovation Has No Borders, will be held February 25-26 at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Canadian and U.S. fleets are invited to attend the second annual gathering of industry leaders and innovators to explore synergies and solutions for bringing Canadian and U.S. fleets closer together and leading to a stronger North American trucking industry.

Brent Fowler of SLH Transport Inc. has accepted the honorary presidency of PIT Conference 2015.

“As one of the first companies to join PIT Group back in 2008, SLH realized early on the joint values and common goals we shared for innovation, environmental sustainability and enhanced industry education and training,” said the vice president of the leading cross-border trucking services provider. “We are honored to be part of this event and look forward to the conference.”

PIT Conference 2015 will feature a special presentation by Donald Cooper, one of the world’s most insightful and inspiring business speakers. Drawing from his unique experience as a world-class manufacturer, retailer and business coach, Cooper will discuss how proactive and smarter management practices can lead to success in the face of more demanding customers, stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins.

The PIT Member Annual Advisory Meeting, including the presentation of the 2014 Annual Report and consultation with members for 2015 projects, will take place at the conference. PIT Group members comprise a group of over 50 dues paying fleets throughout North America who utilize the engineering and technical expertise of the PIT Group to evaluate and provide unbiased results on a wide range of technologies. With new technologies and innovations hitting the industry at a rapid pace, membership in PIT Group allows carrier executives to focus on running their fleet and not an engineering department.

Focusing on the latest trends in transport technologies, and to give fleet operators a better understanding of the pitfalls and potential of incorporating and managing these new technologies in a dynamic environment, the expanded two-day format of PIT Conference 2015 will also include the following sessions:

  •  Impact of Rules and Legislation on Fleet Operating Costs will define the current status of S. and Canadian legislation and explore how it impacts fleet productivity
  • Alternative Fuels will provide a new pers­pective on natural gas and scrutinize success factors from fleet and supplier perspectives. Also, Volvo will provide an update on DME and the company’s plans to introduce this fuel in North America in the near future.
  • Investing in our People for a More Efficient Fleet will review training success stories, define factors that lead to that success, and discuss how to conduct successful training and how to establish a culture of sustainable gains.
  • Mastering the Reliability Challenge: Technical or Human Issue?  A panel discussion bringing together fleet managers and OEM representatives to explore how to work together to reduce downtime and improve reliability at a time when good technicians are in short supply.

“The trucking industry is at a crossroads,” said Yves Provencher, director of the PIT Group. “New fuels, new environmental regulations and new technologies can bring as many challenges as they do solutions. For fleet operators, PIT Conference 2015 will be a forum to voice their needs. For developers and suppliers, it will be a platform to present their latest technological advances and gain feedback that will be key to the future success of their products. Together at the conference, fleet operators, developers and suppliers will shape the advances that could redefine the trucking industry.”

Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich is Editor of Canadian Shipper. She has been writing about transportation and logistics issues since 1999.
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