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Pilot offers airport-to-airport ground services to Mexico

Lima, PA — Pilot Freight Services announced a new cost-effective service to transport ground cargo across the border to Mexico. Freight originating from the east coast will go through Dallas/Fort Worth (DFG), and Midwest and Western US origins will go through Pilot’s Los Angeles (LAG) gateways. The aviation alternative freight shipping is available weekdays at one of three Mexican destination airports: Guadalajara (GDL), Mexico City (MEX) or Monterrey (MTY).

Ground service typically benefits clients over air service, as air service is traditionally more costly but not necessarily quicker. Additionally, ground cargo arriving at airports clears customs faster and avoids border congestion because the freight stays on the same trailer. This process translates into overall faster transit time and savings. Pilot counsels shippers through complicated requirements, formalities and paperwork typically involved in shipments to Mexico.

Based on Pilot’s operational footprint, the company also has the ability to consolidate cargo from various stations across the country to the closest gateway—DFG or LAG—and then through Mexico to the final destination within the country. The services between the DFG and LAG gateways cut travel time by two to three days, increasing access to the Mexico market and providing greater consistency and predictability within the supply chain. Specifically, aviation and automotive industries have benefitted dramatically from Pilot’s new airport-to-airport ground services through consistent, dependable cost savings of cargo transfer of up to 50%.

“We’re pleased to announce the addition of these services from our DFG and LAG gateways to better serve our current clients and also expand with new customers,” said John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “Streamlining and consolidating efforts will further allow us to better serve our expanding customer base and continue to create the reliability and value our company has been delivering for nearly five decades.”

With offices in Mexico’s industrial and transportation hubs, Pilot is expanding their footprint and leveraging business in Mexico through bi-lateral sales to better serve their portfolio of customers doing business domestically and internationally. Pilot’s team in Mexico lends itself to more seamless transitions via technology and know-how on the ground. Products going into Mexico include electronics, machinery, vehicles, minerals and plastic goods.


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