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PierPASS says offPeak registration surpasses 1,000

LONG BEACH, Calif.-PierPASS Inc. says that more than 1,000 port users have registered with OffPeak, the new program to reduce congestion at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach by shifting cargo movement to nights and weekends.

All companies that use the ports are strongly advised to register well in advance of July 23, as most daytime cargo movement through the two ports after that date will require a Traffic Mitigation Fee payment by a registered user, says Pier PASS.

Beginning on July 23, all international container terminals at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports will start OffPeak shifts on nights and weekends. From that date, a Traffic Mitigation Fee will be required for cargo movement through the ports during peak hours (Monday through Friday, 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), with certain exceptions. Only registered users will be able to pay this fee.

“As we continue our aggressive outreach efforts to all port users, we are pleased to see the rapid increase in OffPeak registration,” said Bruce Wargo, President and CEO of PierPASS Inc. “OffPeak is a vital effort to relieve chronic congestion in and around the ports. In order for port users to ensure that their cargo continues to flow freely, we strongly urge them to go to our website, learn about the program, and register.”

PierPASS began registration for the OffPeak program on May 23. Users of the ports (such as cargo owners, brokers, truckers and logistics companies) can register for OffPeak through a link on the PierPASS website, Registration is free, and is open to any company or person.

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