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Oxford Properties unveils plans to develop Canada’s first multi-level DC

Vancouver, BC — Oxford Properties Group unveiled its plans to develop Canada’s first large bay multi-level industrial property. Comprising 707,000 square feet over two levels, the project will be built at Oxford’s Riverbend Business Park located in Burnaby. The site of a former paperboard milling operation, Oxford has transformed the brownfield site into a progressive and environmental award-winning 1.35 million square foot master planned business park which will now bring the first large scale multi-storey distribution centre concept to Canada.

“Vancouver is one of the tightest industrial markets in the world and space for businesses that service the region — be it through manufacturing, logistics or e-commerce — is in critically short supply,” commented Jeff Miller, Head of Industrial at Oxford Properties. “This shortage requires bold solutions and progressive approaches, and we have studied innovative industrial projects from across the globe to inform our plan to develop Canada’s first multi-level property. By doing so, we can add density to the already established Riverbend Business park, a former brownfield site, without the need to encroach on greenfield or agricultural land.”

As the e-commerce revolution drives an increased need for supply chain and logistics innovations amongst traditional and online retailers, multi-storey industrial concepts have just started to emerge in other supply constrained markets such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

Oxford’s development will be on two levels. The ground floor comprises 437,000 square feet with 32-foot clear heights. The second storey, which is accessible to full size transport trailers via a heated ramp, consists of 270,000 square feet, 28-foot clear heights and a 130-foot truck court. Anticipated for completion in 2022, the building at Riverbend Business Park can provide a single customer 707,000 square feet of contiguous space, making it the largest available industrial property in the Greater Vancouver Area. Conversely, the two floors can be operated and occupied independently and further demised to accommodate multiple customers as small as 70,000 square feet. Located close to the intersection of Marine Way and Highway 91A in Burnaby, it is ideally situated for attracting labour and serving the population base of Vancouver.

Rendering of multistorey industrial distribution facility at Riverbend Business Park located in Burnaby. The second storey is accessible to full size transport trailers via a heated ramp. (CNW Group/Oxford Properties Group Inc.)

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