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OOCL achieves dual reporting standards for environmental data integrity

HONG KONG, China–OOCL has announced that it has once again achieved dual reporting standards through the use of Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) and ISO 14064-1:2006 verification tools, accrediated by Lloyd’s Register.

This initiative ensures that OOCL’s data disclosure on vessel emissions in 2014 is transparent, accurate, complete, consistent and relevant after checking for not only the carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1 emission levels of OOCL vessels, but also extending to the GHG Scope 2 level which is associated with electricity consumption of OOCL’s head office in Hong Kong.

OOCL said it is proud of the dual verification achievement from itsGHG reporting against the ISO 14064-1:2006 standard, which specifies principles and requirements at the organization level for quantification and reporting of GHG emissions and removals. It includes requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s GHG inventory. 

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Simon Batters, LRQA Head of Strategic Marketing of Lloyd’s Register said, “We are pleased to once again support OOCL’s green objectives and their efforts in environmental stewardship through our verification work. OOCL’s accomplishment is a testament to their environmental commitment, through publicly demonstrating yet again that the environmental performance data of their fleet is prepared with high accuracy, completeness and transparency. This latest achievement also builds on Lloyd’s Register’s solid track record of enabling shipowners to improve performance while reducing environmental impact.”

 In the verification process, OOCL prepared all the proper documentation and records showing the effective management over data integrity and we are pleased that not a single discrepancy, misstatement and nonconformity was identified between the emission data collected in the samples from the randomly selected vessels by LR and the data submitted by OOCL for the year 2014.

 “Environmental performance is core to OOCL’s operations, and Lloyd’s Register’s independent third-party assurance remains instrumental in helping us achieve this business requirement,” said Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Trades of OOCL.  “By stretching the scope of the verification each year, we hope to steadily apply more of OOCL’s operations to the rigour of emissions data integrity and information management that is demanded of both the CCWG and ISO 14064 standards.”

This is the fourth consecutive year that OOCL completed the verification by using the CCWG standard and the second year adopting the duel standards.  Moving forward, OOCL aims to enhance our sustainability profile and foster continuous improvement in the environmental and social performance aspects of freight transport by sharing information and promoting industry best practices to a wider audience of stakeholders that appreciates greater transparency and greener supply chains.