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Ontario Northland Commission appoints Corina Moore president, CEO

NORTH BAY, Ont.–The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) has appointed Corina Moore as President and CEO.

Since October 2014,  Moore has served as the company’s Interim President and CEO. She has been leading the Ontario Northland’s recent transformation efforts, which are focused on achieving long-term sustainability, improving efficiency and promoting the value of the organization’s transportation expertise, said a release.

“I am very pleased to announce this appointment,” stated Tom Laughren, Chair of the ONTC. “Ms. Moore has shown tremendous leadership, dedication, and hard work.  Securing her in this role will ensure the organization remains on course with its transformation. I see a bright future ahead with Corina at the helm.”

Moore joined Ontario Northland in 2005 as Director of the Telecommunications Division and has since served in several executive leadership roles within the organization. In 2010 she became Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the Refurbishment Division, providing direction on several external remanufacturing contracts, leading labour negotiations with Ontario Northland’s five union groups, modernizing operating processes and creating a culture of innovation. The role also included managing the Corporate Services Departments of Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Management and the Project Management and Continuous Improvement Office.

Previous to her tenure with the ONTC, Ms. Moore worked in both the public and private sectors, gaining extensive leadership experience and a strong business background. She holds a degree in Systems Design Engineering and Business Administration and Management from the University of Waterloo.