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Microsoft delays release of CRM launch

Microsoft will delay the release of its Microsoft CRM product–formerly scheduled in 4Q02–citing that it needs to perform additional testing, according to a report from industry analysts AMR Research.

Microsoft said that a new release date is imminent–but not without more specifics–by early 2003.

"Given the importance that Microsoft has placed on this product and on entering the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market, it’s no surprise that the company chose to take the publicity hit rather than deliver a product that isn’t ready. And buyers certainly prefer a well-baked product, caring less about the release date since it is a first release product and not a long-awaited upgrade with key enhancements," comments Joanie Rufo of AMR Research.

As recently as November, Microsoft was still stating that the release dates for North America and the international versions were on schedule with the dates set earlier this year. But now it says that it didn’t anticipate how long certain elements of testing and QA would take.

"While the delay doesn’t really change anything for buyers from a product perspective, it does reinforce the concern that large corporations have voiced about Microsoft’s experience in the enterprise applications market. A missed release date certainly isn’t unheard of in CRM, however, the ability to deliver product on schedule and to “expect the unexpected” should be expected of the enterprise applications vendor with which you choose to run your business," Rufo says.

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