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Lansdowne Technologies, Battelle offer interactive on-line air cargo training

OTTAWA, Ont.–Lansdowne Technologies announced that its Lansdowne Air Cargo Training (LACT) program, featuring interactive on-line courses, has been developed to meet the growing need for training across Canada’s air cargo community resulting from recent amendments to Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASRs) by Transport Canada. Lansdowne is also offering several in-class courses with further information located on the LACT website. Lansdowne Technologies Inc. has extensive experience in the Security and Emergency Management sector and in web-based training through its Learning Management System (LMS) — the core for delivery of its Air Cargo Training Program. Specifically, Lansdowne Technologies Inc., in association with Battelle, a non-profit R&D organization, has developed a web-based, interactive on-line and in-class training system for air-cargo employees and screeners, said the companies in a release.

The Lansdowne/Battelle training system has been developed to meet the growing demand for training across Canada’s air cargo security community and also reflects Transport Canada’s new regulatory requirements coming into force on October 17, 2016.  State-of-the-art on-line and in-class courses will provide training for industry employees who transport, warehouse, screen, tender and/or accept air cargo destined for passenger and cargo flights departing from Canadian airports.

Specifically, the on-line training syllabus, offers relevant and comprehensive theoretical and practical training, including:

1)        Air Cargo Security Awareness ($75.00 + HST)

2)        Facility Security and Access Control ($295.00 + HST)

3)        Air Cargo Screening (Theory) ($295.00 + HST)

4)        Chain of Custody (Record Keeping) ($295.00 + HST)

5)        Training Programs ($295.00 + HST)

6)        Oversight, Compliance, and Personnel Security ($295.00 + HST)


The following state-of-the-art on-line and in-class courses are also offered:

1)        Practical X-ray Screening for Air Cargo (on-line) ($395.00 + HST)

2)        Practical Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Screening for Air Cargo (on-line) ($295.00 + HST)

3)        Facility and Vehicle Search (In-class) ($495.00 + HST)

4)        Telephone Threat and Managing a Bomb Threat (In-class) ($495.00 + HST)

Dates for in-class courses are featured below:

Facility and Vehicle Search:

  • Halifax, NS,  Session 1 – Feb 19 2016
  • Toronto, ON, Session 1 – Mar 10 2016
  • Vancouver, BC Session 1 – May 11 2016
  • Ottawa, ON, Session 1 – May 18 2016
  • Calgary, AB, Session 1 – Jun 08 2016


Telephone Threat and Managing the Bomb Threat:

  • Halifax, NS, Session 1 – Feb 18 2016
  • Toronto, ON, Session 1 – Mar 09 2016
  • Vancouver, ON, Session 1 – May 10 2016
  • Ottawa, ON, Session 1 – May 17 2016
  • Calgary, AB, Session 1 – Jun 07 2016


While Lansdowne/Battelle state that their courses are intended to provide participants with a solid foundation in air cargo security and complement existing knowledge in secure supply chain management and front-line operations, they also emphasize that courses will prepare participants to meet the requirements of Transport Canada’s amendments to the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASRs) and its voluntary Air Cargo Security Program, including by developing comprehensive Cargo Security Plans and passing onsite inspections.