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How popular is outsourcing of logistics activities?

Outsourcing is a crucial consideration in supply chain management, but how common a practice is it among Canadian companies?

That’s one of the many questions answered by last year’s comprehensive first annual Survey of Canadian Third-Party Logistics. And one of the many questions to be answered by this year’s survey, about to be launched by Canadian Transportation & Logistics Magazine in partnership with The Logistics Institute and Supply Chain & Logistics Canada.

Included with this year’s survey will be new questions designed to gather data on cost measurement, transportation management and warehouse management practices. All survey participants get a free copy of all the survey results and will also be included in a draw for prizes, including a digital camera.

About 6,000 logisticians will receive an e-mail invitation in the survey. Those wishing to participate may also visit this web site for a link to the survey later this week.

So how prevalent is outsourcing in the Canadian marketplace? Thanks to the comprehensive data collected last year, we can tell you with confidence that 59% of Canadian companies are outsourcing at least some of their logistics functions. Another 17% are considering doing so.

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