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Hand-held technologies to offer customers, employees real-time access to information

FedEx Corporation has rolled out its next generation of electronic services to make shipping information available anytime, anywhere to customers and employees.

FedEx, in an alliance with w-Technologies, Inc., which produces wireless software products, has expanded the reach of to most types of hand-held devices, to permit customers to access real-time package status tracking information and to identify the nearest drop-off locations. Vicinity Corp developed the application protocol interface (API) for the drop-off information.

FedEx plans to follow this newest mobile-business solution with additional wireless solutions for its customers, couriers, and contractors. The company says the new features will boost employees’ efficiency, productivity and access to information while cutting costs.

This newest wireless technology employed by FedEx is available through most Web-enabled devices, including mobile telephones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and two-way pagers. The wireless applications are free and easily accessible to all FedEx customers. Cell phone users simply key in to begin using these FedEx wireless services. RIM Pager or PDA users can download the FedEx Wireless Solutions application from

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