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Greenbrier responds to final tank car safety standards

OTTAWA, Ont.– The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. responded to Transport Canada’s (TC) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) joint final rule on the safe movement of flammable liquids by rail, including crude oil and ethanol.

“We commend both governments for enacting these meaningful enhancements to tank car safety standards, and congratulate Minister Raitt on her leadership in moving this forward,” said William A. Furman, Chairman and CEO, Greenbrier.

The new tank car features such as increased shell thickness, added full-height 1/2″ head shields, minimum 11-gauge jackets, a recloseable pressure relief valve and thermal protection will mitigate the consequences of train accidents and enhance public safety.

Greenbrier announced its “Tank Car of the Future” in February 2014, a safer design for crude oil and ethanol service and the transport of other hazardous materials.

“I’m proud to say we’re already delivering cars that meet these standards to our customers. Nearly 1,000 of these Greenbrier-designed and built tank cars are already in service, and more are steadily joining the North American rail fleet, enhancing the safety of citizens and protecting the environment,” adds Furman.

“The new design standard enacted by both governments is a major safety advancement,” Furman continued. “As a leading tank car manufacturer in North America, we look forward to continuing to work with both governments to implement safer crude-by-rail transportation rules, and have taken steps to meet the need for expeditious retrofits of legacy tank cars.”

Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich

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