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Gord Peddle named chair of CTHRC

OTTAWA, Ont. — Gord Peddle, vice-president and chief operating officer of Atlantica Diversified Transportation Systems, has been named chair of the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council’s (CTHRC) board of directors.

Peddle has served as chair of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA), board member of the Nova Scotia Trucking HR Council, and board member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA). He was also recognized with the APTA’s 2009 Service to Industry Award.

“The opportunity to serve as chair of the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council is a true honour. I believe in the council and its work, particularly as it relates to promoting careers in the trucking industry. These efforts are vital as we reach out to the next generation of employees,” he said. “The council also continues to develop tools that help to improve the HR management practices which are important to every fleet’s ongoing success.”

Peddle’s first official role as CTHRC chair – overseeing an industry outreach session in Montreal – reflected his focus on raising awareness of the Council’s work and HR tools during the coming year.

“It sometimes feels like the work of the CTHRC is our industry’s best kept secret,” he added. “We must continue to engage our peers across the trucking industry, and eliminate any of the real or perceived barriers that exist between their businesses and a trained workforce.”