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Global OConnect launches e-commerce exhibit in Canada

TORONTO, Ont.–Chinese B2B cross-border e-commerce service provider Global OConnect will make its first appearance in North America by launching an exhibition warehouse at 342 Wildcat Street Toronto, Canada on June 28, in efforts to bring high-end Chinese manufacturers of the 21st century to local retailers.

Established in 2015, Global OConnect is an offline business affiliate of OSell e-commerce platform, a Hong Kong based company acting as communication mediator for global SME businesses.

Kevin Fenn, founder and Board Chairman of the company, said he is fascinated about the idea of “being a bridge between Chinese suppliers in the new era and global retailers”. Fenn said he hopes to bring more high-tech-embedded and quality-oriented Chinese brands abroad in order to refresh local consumers’ impressions towards traditional low-end products that were made in China. “The next step for OConnect will be to take highly competitive products overseas to Chinese consumers,” said Mr. Fenn.

The idea of constructing such overseas warehouses is to facilitate China’s cross-border e-commerce business by making localized sales and distributions easier. After orders are placed, export enterprises can dispatch goods in bulk directly from the local warehouse.

Fenn said he believes that OConnect’s inauguration in Canada will no doubt bring closer the two major economies in regards to SME trading.

“By solving financial, logistical and local access problems for parties on both sides, OConnect serves as the express lane between China-made high-end products and retailers in a larger North American market, which will in turn benefits local consumers with reasonable prices and better products that are nowadays made in China,” the release said.

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