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Express Mondor completes integration of Transport L’Épiphanie 

Lanoraie, QC — Express Mondor has finalized its acquisition and integration of the Transport L’Épiphanie’s entire team and assets. As a result of this transaction, the Express Mondor group now has two complementary divisions specializing in non-standard transportation that have all the equipment required to serve customers by offering safe and high-quality transportation services in Canada and the United States.

Today, Express Mondor and Transport L’Épiphanie’s combined rolling stock represents a fleet of more than 100 tractors and over 300 trailers, all of which are managed by a team of more than 200 competent and experienced employees.

“This transaction is the fruit of a 2015 partnership agreement entered into with Éric Morin, President, and Louise Lemire, Vice-President of Transport L’Épiphanie. We have learned to work together and optimize the use of our respective equipment and resources to serve our customers better and grow our business. The transition went very well, and the results exceeded our expectations, thanks in particular to the collaboration and commitment of our partners who helped make this project a success,” says Éric Mondor, President of Express Mondor.

Through the integration of the two companies, the Express Mondor group can accelerate its growth by combining the two businesses’ transport fleets, labour forces, skills and expertise. In this way, Express Mondor will reinforce its position as a leader in the non-standard transportation industry as well as its ability to meet the needs of its customers throughout North America.

“Whether it’s pipeline projects, bridges, port or oil and gas production infrastructures, hydroelectric or wind power plants, agricultural or industrial equipment, road construction, tunnels or viaducts, Express Mondor and Transport L’Épiphanie are reliable and experienced partners for the execution of major projects that require the transportation of large-scale structures,” adds Éric Mondor. “Thanks to the size of our facilities and our teams’ experience, we can make a significant contribution to the success of these projects for the benefit of our customers”.

Over the next year, Express Mondor will increase the synergy and efficiency of its truck fleet management, among other things by equipping all Transport L’Épiphanie trucks with the paperless ISAAC digital real-time measurement performance optimization system and providing the required training to all its drivers, dispatch centre employees and other Transport L’Épiphanie stakeholders.

“Innovation, service quality and safety lie at the heart of our corporate values. We’ll ensure all Transport L’Épiphanie division employees benefit from the same high-performance technological tools and receive the continuous training required to operate their trucks and trailers efficiently and with complete safety, while reducing their impact on the environment,” adds Billy Mondor, Vice-President of Business Development.


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