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eShipPartner expands with eManifest-invoice integration

SAINT ALBANS, VT— A.N. Deringer, Inc. announced the expansion of its integrated, online application eShipPartner. ACI eManifest and ACE eManifest are the latest additions to the user-friendly suite of tools that includes eShipPartner Invoice, Analytics, Production Planning, and other applications that automate the logistics process and provide multiple layers of visibility.

After entering data into eShipPartner Invoice, customers can carry common data over to ACE eManifest with a single key stroke. In most cases, the manifest is ready to submit without additional data entry. As quickly, the manifest trip can be reversed, creating a reciprocal ACI eManifest trip with automatic conversion of US SCAC to Canadian carrier codes and US to Canadian ports of entry, the company said. Common data, such as conveyance, equipment, and crew, are auto populated when creating return trips. In addition, frequently used information, such as shipper and consignee addresses, commodities, and ports of entry, can be saved for future field population in Invoice and eManifest, the company added.

eShipPartner provides customers with the flexibility to initiate the entry process with any of the applications: eShipPartner Invoice, ACE eManifest, or ACI eManifest. After completion, all data is securely submitted to CBP or CBSA by Deringer. These proprietary tools, eManifest and Invoice, can also be used as standalone products.

This expansion is aimed directly at reducing customer’s data entry requirements and decreasing the errors associated with manual entry of data submitted to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Deringer offers customers complimentary access to the entire suite of eShipPartner tools.

“The ongoing development of eShipPartner is a critical aspect of the value offering we provide customers. We are responsive to our customers’ needs, as evidenced by the new functionality we’ve implemented. Furthermore, this proactive approach will continue to evolve as new features and tools become available, giving our customers a single view to their entire Deringer partnership. In the coming months, we will introduce additional analysis and reporting capabilities, including report scheduling, report profiles, and additional enhancements to our mobile friendly applications that will transform how customers manage their supply chain. Deringer will also expand our capabilities to facilitate communications between our customers and their third party providers,” said ”Kris Rocheleau, Deringer’’s Director of IT.