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DHL Express Canada launches scholarship program for children of employees

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.– DHL Express Canada has launched its UPstairs Scholarship Program which provides financial support to the children of DHL employees.

Effective immediately, the program will be assisting with the post-secondary education of six new students each year through scholarship grants, valued at $8,000 ($2,000/year for four years) per student.

Discussing the initiative, Andrew Williams, CEO of DHL Express Canada, said that for years, student food banks were rare to find across university campuses. But the increase of tuition costs — projected to rise by 13 per cent by 2018 — combined with the slow economy has greatly increased the number of food banks on campuses.

“Higher education is seen as key to financial security, but almost 27,000 post-secondary students need assistance through food banks across the country. This represents an alarming trend in students having to choose between paying school fees and basic living necessities. Compound this with the steep competition for paid scholarships and many students feel that their dreams of a secondary education are becoming unreachable.

As universities try to find ways to support students in need, organizations like ours understand that the long-term success, sustainability and innovative power of our economy and society depends on a strong education system and targeted efforts to develop the next generation of working professionals,” Williams said.

“Innovation cannot happen without the curiosity and dreams of smart, creative and talented people. Education is such a critical component for our youth to succeed in today’s work environment. Staying in school and focusing on their education should be their primary goal – not worrying about their next meal,” he said.

The UPstairs scholarship program aims to foster equal access to education by addressing some of the social challenges faced by our Canadian youth today and helps our employees meet their goals and dreams for the future.

As one of the largest employers worldwide Deutsche Post DHL Group, the UPstairs Program stems from its well established group-wide program GoTeach, a way to improve educational opportunity for young people and prepare them for the working world, the company said.

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