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DHL expands cross border services between Texas and Mexico

El Paso, TX — DHL Global Forwarding, announced the expansion of its facility in El Paso, Texas, now offering Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), and cross-border services.

“This location is of key importance to us because of its strategic location. This is a key pillar for our Southern Border region where we are now offering our full range of Freight Forwarding capabilities to a broad base of customers at both sides of the border,” said Alejandro Palacios, RVP of the South region  for DHL Global Forwarding.  “Our goal is to reinforce what we have been doing in the last years, which is to enhance our customers’ ability to foster their own business in the area, with a special focus on key industries including technology, automotive, manufacturing and aerospace.”

DHL Global Forwarding began the renovations by adding 50 percent additional office space with a new modern remodeled open floor plan for greater team interactions. The building also now houses 70 additional work spaces in addition to the 105 already in existence.

“This newly renovated expanded facility now offers a space for greater synergies for our teams and customers,” said David Goldberg, U.S. CEO for DHL Global Forwarding. “Serving as a strategic location along the US-Mexico border, we have a highly trained group of individuals who have expertise in a wide range of industries offering customized solutions for cross-border trade in and out of the U.S.”

The Southern region represents one of the largest manufacturing centers in North America, and it is largely due to El Paso’s unique bi-cultural and bilingual workforce. According to the City of El Paso, the city stands out for being the largest metro area along the Texas-Mexico border and the sixth-largest city in Texas.

“Our commitment to continued investments, not only in our facility, but in our community is extremely important,” said Sergio Esparza, Station Manager at the DHL Global Forwarding El Paso facility. “This area continues to experience positive economic growth by attracting new businesses and helping existing companies grow, and we are proud to be part of that growth.”