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Winter CITT logistics courses registration deadline is Tuesday, January 12

TORONTO, Ont.–CITT is reminding those interested in adding CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) to their credentials that the deadline to register for a winter logistics course is January 12th. The next opportunity to take a CITT course will be in late April, so CITT encourages those looking to earn its leading CCLP designation quickly to take advantage of the winter semester by signing up now at

“Winter has become our most popular semester” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO. “The new year is a perfect time to commit to professional development. And people starting with CITT might be able to complete 60% or more of the courses required for their CCLP designation by the end of 2016.”

CITT said it has also recently streamlined several of its courses to even better accommodate busy professionals, offering more flexibility in assignment timelines.

“Many CITT students have unpredictable, busy schedules. They need professional development delivered with that in mind” said Viglas. “For new CCLP-bound students getting started with Transportation Systems, the first assignment deadline isn’t until four weeks after the January 14th start date. So even those with a hectic start to the year can feel confident they’ll have time to learn with CITT. There’s also a lot of flexibility around when students choose to complete their quizzes and participate in group discussions as the semester continues.”

CITT’s course sites are also optimized for both traditional and mobile devices, allowing students to use their commute or business travel time to study.

CITT said it does cap course sizes to ensure a good student – facilitator ratio, so those interested in a course are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Online registration is available 24/7 until the January 12th deadline here .


Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich

Julia Kuzeljevich is Editor of Canadian Shipper. She has been writing about transportation and logistics issues since 1999.
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