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CSL retires “two distinguished ladies” as part of fleet renewal

MONTREAL, Que.–In the past week, Canada Steamship Lines bid farewell to two distinguished ladies-Birchglen and Mapleglen- as they set sail on their final journey. The two bulk carriers are en route to Turkey, where they will be responsibly recycled at an eco-friendly shipyard.

The dismantling of the two mature vessels is part of CSL’s fleet optimization and capacity management programs, the company announced.

Since 2012, the Great Lakes shipping company has introduced six new state-of-the-art Trillium Lakers and taken four older and less efficient ships out of service.

“Great Lakes shipping is a mature market, it isn’t growing,” said Allister Paterson, President of Canada Steamship Lines. “Our Trillium program has always been about renewing our fleet, not growing it.”

CSL said it must adapt to maintain a fine balance between new tonnage and market demand, as new ships equipped with advanced technology continue to improve the operational and environmental performance of Great Lakes shipping.

CSL invested in the most efficient, safe, and environmentally-responsible ships for the future of Great Lakes shipping,” noted Paterson. “Now it is time to responsibly recycle some of the vessels that have defined our past.”

The recycling of Birchglen and Mapleglen is scheduled to begin at a facility in Aliağa, Turkey, in mid-October, and will be conducted in full compliance with international rules and regulations, and with CSL’s own rigorous ship recycling policy, the company said.