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CSCSC updates its Supply Chain Links project

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.–The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) has updated its Supply Chain Links project, announcing the availability of five new occupational standards.

With help from CSA Group, the Council is developing a total of 15 new supply chain occupational standards through this project. Six were completed in January, and now another five are available:

  1. Cargo Security Screening Guard
  2. Emergency and Continuity Manager
  3. Regulatory/Compliance Manager
  4. Security Risk Management Specialist
  5. Security and Safety Manager

Occupational standards can be used to develop job descriptions and job-performance tools, plan education and training programs, identify career paths and more. See all of the Council’s 44 supply chain occupational standards, here.

Part 2 – Beta Testing of Connector Skills-Assessment Tool

The Connector tool, built by Calgary’s Essential Skills Group, is now being beta tested. To get a better sense of what the tool is, watch the “Welcome to the Connector” video, at

Beta testing will not take a lot of time. CSCSC is asking that participants contribute/invest approximately 1 hour of time from each of 1 or 2 members of their management/supervisory team and 5 to 10 employees. That’s a total of about 20 hours of time between May and September. Participating organizations will:

  • have a manager/supervisor participate in a short online orientation;
  • have employees try out the web application; they do this individually, at a time that’s convenient for them; and,
  • have managers/supervisors and employees provide feedback by completing a brief online survey.

An unlimited number of assessments can be done during beta testing.

To find out more about how you can participate, contact Project Manager Pat Campbell, at

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