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CSCSC to offer new wage subsidy program

TORONTO, Ont. — The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC) has initiated a new program that will provide wage subsidies for employers in the supply chain sector.


The Career Focus program will grant subsidies for use in hiring new employees between the ages of 15 and 30 who are under-employed or unemployed, and graduates of college, university or other training programs focused on the supply chain and its related competencies. Preference will be given to graduates of programs accredited by the CSCSC as part of its National Accreditation Program (NAP). The maximum subsidy for a single new hire is $12,750.


“Current economic conditions, along with imminent skilled-worker shortages in the sector, are expected to make this a very attractive program to employers,” said the CSCSC in a release. “The wage subsidies will enable employers to hire even in the present down cycle to help with both current needs and the anticipated growth in human-resource needs that will accompany the upturn.”


The three-year program is expected to help Canadian companies hire 50 or more new employees.


“Additionally, the Career Focus program should serve to raise awareness of supply chain management careers among young Canadians,” said the CSCSC release. “(We) will provide information to students about the program through college and university career offices, thereby reaching a large group of young people as they prepare to launch their careers. Getting information to youth as they make their early career choices is a key objective of the CSCSC.”


For more information, contact project manager Sheryl Keenan at 866-616-3468 or

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