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Coyote enhances digital freight platform

Chicago, IL — Third-partly logistics (3PL) provider Coyote Logistics, a subsidiary of UPS, announced the release of a new program and digital freight platform enhancements designed to better address the unique needs and challenges of shippers and carriers today. Dubbed Carrier of Choice, the program and digital freight enhancements arrive as shippers continue to expect greater reliability assurances and higher levels of service from the carriers they work with.

“While shippers’ service expectations are constantly evolving, Coyote’s commitment to delivering a superior experience to customers remains unchanged,” said Jonathan Sisler, CEO of Coyote. “Our goal is set shippers and carriers up for success in any market — whether it be deflationary, like today, or inflationary, as the Coyote Curve predicts it will be next year. By leveraging insights drawn from customer feedback when building our new service-based programs and digital freight features and grounding them in a commitment to exceptional service, we are able to accomplish this goal.”

The Carrier of Choice Program, which is launching as part of the digital freight platform update, rewards high-performing carriers with exclusive access to benefits like instant load booking via and the CoyoteGO mobile app. Recognized carriers — who will fall into either Pack Carrier, Elite Carrier or Carrier of Choice tiers, based on meeting or exceeding service performance parameters – can also receive faster payment in as little as two days, in addition to easier access to bids and tendering.

In turn, shippers will benefit from increased levels of service and greater visibility across Coyote’s diverse network of 70,000 carriers. Additionally, shippers can now take advantage of new digital freight platform features to improve their supply chain operations. These include My Facilities, which houses over 100,000 facility reviews crowdsourced by drivers, and seamless API integrations for real-time spot quoting and tracking.

“With the health of the freight market contingent on mutually beneficial relationships between shippers and carriers, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for their unique needs and challenges,” said Sisler. “Coyote considers these enhancements a true win-win that supports both parties.”


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