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Coalition supports LA terminal’s plans to automate

Los Angeles, CA — A coalition of shippers and transportation is supporting a plan by APM Terminals (AMPT), a subsidiary of Maersk, to install electric, automated cargo-handling equipment at Los Angeles Pier 400.

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) said in a statement that it believes the plan is an excellent example of how the maritime industry can and does make substantial environmental improvements for the benefit of all citizens of the region.

“APMT’s plan is highly consistent with clean air objectives in the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan. Electric cargo handling equipment is tried and true technology that is used successfully in many major ports around the world. The benefits to local air quality are well recognized and it is obvious that this type of equipment can and will deliver substantial reductions in harmful air pollutants so detrimental to human health. It also can offer significant GHG emission reduction benefits.

“The decision by the city council of Los Angeles to deny permits for the installation and operation of the generation equipment necessary to take full advantage of the air quality benefits of the planned electric cargo handling equipment is decidedly contrary to the clean air objectives of the port and region.

“CRT urges the City Council of Los Angeles to reconsider their decision to deny the required permits and to support the full implementation of APMT’s plan for electric cargo handling equipment. The air quality benefits are obvious and the opportunity to reduce GHG emissions and harmful air pollutants cannot be allowed to be lost.”



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