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Cnd university partners to launch humanitarian supply chain conference

WINNIPEG, Man. — The University of Manitoba Transport Institute, in collaboration with the Finland-based Humanitarian Logistics Institute, is conducting a conference called Relationship Building in Humanitarian Supply Chains.


The event, to be held at the Lord Elgin in Ottawa Oct. 15-16, will focus on building relationships among non-governmental organizations (NGOs), within NGOs, and between NGOs, and agencies of the United Nations, government agencies, and/or commercial suppliers and/or service providers. 


We believe that building these relationships is critical to effective delivery of humanitarian relief,” said Paul D. Larson, director of the supply chain management department at the University of Manitoba.


“Humanitarian organizations, in preparing for and responding to disasters, also need supply chain relationships. The purpose is not to make money but to save lives and ease suffering. Working together could stretch the budget and reach more people in need,” Larson continued. “However, despite this unifying humanitarian purpose, these organizations compete for donor support and may have elements of incompatibility among their missions. While some NGOs embrace ‘neutrality,’ others NGOs and government agencies serve those in need as part of social, political or spiritual missions.”


On Oct. 15, keynote speeches will be delivered by Kevin McCort, president and CEO of CARE Canada, and George Fenton, associate supply chain director with World Vision International.


The conference will include a reception and art exhibit the evening of Oct. 15, featuring Artist Laura Archer, and a visit to the Monument to Canadian Aid Workers the morning of Oct. 16.


To view the full conference agenda or to register, visit